Chiropractic Adjustments

The primary treatment a chiropractor provides is an adjustment. Our doctors use a variety of chiropractic adjusting techniques to fit a wide range of patient types, conditions and preferences. The primary goal of an adjustment is to mobilize joints that are not functioning properly in order to restore movement. Proper joint movement is essential to brain-body communication by activating the nerves of the joint and surrounding tissues. We perform a thorough consultation and examination to determine the best technique for you.


Stretches are given to help maintain spinal mobility and retrain the nervous system in between visits. This is essential for your overall spinal health and healing.

Stabilization Exercises

Over time, poor functioning joints can lead to loss of muscle coordination and structural imbalance. Special exercises can be given to help restore balance and function.

Posture Exercises

Moving upright through gravity is a challenging feat of nature for human beings. Many of the normal activities of modern life lead to poor posture which can affect overall health. Repetitive motions and prolonged sitting can weaken core muscles and promote abnormal curvatures of the spine. Simple home exercises can have a dramatic effect on improving posture and core stability.


Our feet are the base of support for the rest of our skeleton. Proper gait, foot position, and shock absorption help prevent forces from putting undue stress on the knees, hips and spine. We proudly offer high quality, custom-made orthotics in two styles – rigid from Comfort Fit Labs and flexible from Foot Levelers Inc.

Physiotherapy Modalities

Some conditions benefit from physiotherapy modalities such as electric stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, ice or heat. These services are available if we determine that they may be of benefit to you.

Preventive/Supportive/Maintenance/Wellness Care

Many of our patients choose to have routine chiropractic care after their initial treatment because they realize that their current lifestyle may create spinal problems. They may have found that because of past injuries, scar tissue, or chronicity of their condition, symptoms return over time without a periodic adjustment. They recognize the benefits of prevention and early detection of spinal dysfunction. As an added bonus, being well adjusted feels great!

If you have any questions about the services that we provide our patients, please contact us today at (715) 424-4646.